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Notary Public Services March 2023

Kesi is currently writing a workbook for those wanting to learn Spanish.

Classes will be offered upon completion of Spanish workbook.

Contact Kesi for rates, potential interest in Spanish workbook and/or Spanish classes. Let her know what topics you are interested in learning as she customizes content for students in an effort to make content as relevant to students as possible. Let her know what format of class you prefer: one on one tutoring, in person classes, or Zoom/similar classes.


The Bilingual Highlander

I HAD to have this T-shirt when I saw it in the store! It mixes my Highlander side with my fascination with the Day of the Dead-like skeletons.

Notice the Pura Vida bracelets on my right wrist. Pura Vida bracelets are made in Costa Rica.  I LOVE these bracelets! They are easy to match with anything and everything I wear. I got an invite by text a few days ago to become a Pura Vida affiliate. It was approved. What does it mean for you?  Go to https.// add to your bag, and add the code I am going to give you, you will get 20% off!



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